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the other land behind the mountain

Photo by Alexander van der linden

“When I realized that I probably would never be able to visit the land where my mother was born due to the line that is drawn between my land and her land, I started thinking about borders in general.” ‘The other land behind the mountain’ is a performance by Daniel Barkan about the phenomenon of borders, inspired by the, for the maker, unbridgeable border between Israel and Lebanon. There are many different kinds of borders, natural borders between land and water, the edges of buildings, the borders of our bodies and what about the borders of our thoughts? The performance researches the different meanings and understandings of borders and the way we deal with them.


Concept and Performance by Daniel Barkan 

Produced by DINO residency Schiedam lead by Liat Magnezy 

Premiered at Theater aan de Schie, Schiedam, The Netherlands