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a dance duet about intimacy in digital times

Photo by Maaike Mekking

In ‘secondtwo people try to come closer together. They fight with the stigmas of digital culture and the way it blocks their humanity. Through the means of dance and sound, they question the way we connect with each other these days.

The performers try to hold on to physical intimacy with the simple act of a hug, while they struggle with constant distractions.

Can intimacy sustain when physical actions are absent?

second confronts you with the quality of physical intimacy today. Performers Daniel Barkan and Gijs Hanegraaf are looking for a new form of intimacy in our digital society.

”The whole performance from this talented duo, collectivePRIME, was thought-provoking; even after the discussion and the cycle home (when our deconstruction continued), it was clear that each person took their own meaning from the dynamic and distressed dance.” — Arts Talk Magazine


Concept, choreography, sound design: Daniel Barkan & Enrico Meijer Performance: Daniel Barkan & Gijs Hanegraaf Costume design: Michelle Vossen Picture: Maaike Mekking Coaching: Jasper van Luijk Special thanks to: Het Huis Utrecht & De Nieuwe Oost second is a production of collectivePRIME and co-produced by SHIFFT 


preview Uitmarkt (Amsterdam, NL) premiere at Dansmakers (Amsterdam Fringe festival, NL) performance at Museumnacht (Nijmegen, NL) performance theater Kikker (Utrecht, NL) Cafe Theater Festival (Utrecht, NL) Moving future (Nijmegen, NL) Cancelled Festival Oversteek (Nijmegen, NL) Festival As Is (Tel Aviv, IL) Cancelled Theater De Generator (Leiden, NL) Cancelled Festival De Mus (Amsterdam, NL)