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pure prime

Music is the one and only way left to communicate. What does it mean to exist in a society which is very much driven by the individual way of living? Can music bring us together?

By training with musical instruments, the performers of ‘Pure Prime’ create a new way of communicating. The language to communicate with each other in the performance is driven by music. In the piece, a group of individuals is making attempts to come together. They are in conflict, being in a group without losing their inner voice. Their movement is driven by the music, so when the music stops, how will they connect? “the music keeps us going somewhere, we go together, it is better together, as long as the music keeps us going” 


Theater Aan De Rijn (Arnhem, NL), Festival hoge80 (Arnhem, NL), Festival Stukafest (Nijmegen, NL), Het huis- festival spoormakers, and makersdag (Utrecht, NL)



Daniel Barkan


Enrico Meijer


Loris Casalino, Davide Calabrese, Gilda Cesario