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“Night Shift,” is an upcoming dance project by Daniel Barkan. Daniel is currently in her research period for this project and is doing a residency at Korzo, Den Haag.

The project is focused on the often-overlooked experiences of motherhood during nighttime hours. Through choreography, music, and storytelling, “Night Shift” seeks to honor the tireless efforts and profound emotions of mothers, fathers, and caretakers who care for their children throughout the night.

Daniel recently gave birth to her second child, which is what sparked the idea for the project. The project aims to raise awareness and empathy for nighttime mothers, creating understanding and support within communities. Through public performances, post-show discussions, and collaborative workshops, “Night Shift” invites audiences to engage in meaningful conversations about the challenges and joys of nighttime caregiving.

“Night Shift” targets a diverse audience, including caregivers, parents, and community members. By sharing the universal experiences of nighttime motherhood, the project aims to resonate with audiences on a personal level, sparking reflection and dialogue.

For this project, Daniel is collaborating with metalbender artist Bart Nijboer.