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After a successful crowd-funding for the short dance film ‘Choreography of altruism’, I am thrilled to announce my upcoming dance piece in collaboration with the dancers of Lazy Susan & co.

The project NeshiMa is all about breathing. My aim with this piece is to focus on the most simple action in life and to bring the audience’s attention to it. It is strange to think we are almost never busy with the practice of breathing… if you can call it that way. We take breathing for granted and I want to challenge that.

About the piece…

The production is inspired by the subject of breathing, Neshima (in Hebrew) . Breathing is the simplest and most basic action in our lives. So easy and yet complex. During the pandemic, my interest in the subject grew. By wearing a mouth mask I was constantly aware of my breathing and the intensive effort it required me. As an artist, this made me obsessed with the concept. Neshima pays attention to the physical limitation and the desire for breathing space.

The dancers start the performance with a search for oxygen. Covered by several layers of clothing/fabric, they are restricted in their freedom of movement. They are busy getting oxygen both physically and mentally through various means. Along the way they experience extreme, humorous and emotional situations. They help each other and fight each other for the last bit of oxygen. They sing, talk and dance on stage, seeking freedom.

Neshima Premiere After Talk with Daniel Barkan & Wouter Vertogen

About Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan & Co. is a young dance company that creates and produces contemporary dance

performances, workshops, and events. Starting in 2019, the idea of Lazy Susan & Co. originated from a common interest and want to establish an independent platform to produce the artistic ideas of its members, promote contemporary dance, and support the cultural scene in Rotterdam. Created by 11 dance professionals, the company runs on a non-hierarchical basis with its members rotating the artistic, practical, and administrative roles between each other.

Lazy Susan Co.’s members all have a common background as recent graduates of ArtEZ

Bachelor of Dance and represent a broad spectrum of nationalities including Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Denmark, Israel, Portugal and Russia.

Performance dates:

Try out: Theater aan de Rijn, Arnhem, 14.02.2023

Premiere: Theater de Leeuw, Arnhem, 17.02.2023

Theater Kikker, Utrecht, 19.04.2023

Theater De Lindenberg, Nijmegen, 22.04.2023


Choreographer: Daniel Barkan

Dancers & Lazy Susan & Co

Head production: Danique Jongbloed

Creative producer: Hanne Blomme

Composer: Enrico Meijer

Marketing & PR: Wouter Vertogen

Illustration for poster: Laura Daelemans

Supported by: Gemeente Arnhem, Prins Bernhard Gelderland, Vriendien van Arnhem,, Misiconi Dance, Korzo, Theater aan de Rijn.

Would you like to know more about us? Check out: