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Night Shift – KORZO

KORZO Den Haag

"Night Shift": Embracing Motherhood after Dark "Night Shift," a dance project aimed at shedding light on the often-overlooked experiences of motherhood during nighttime hours. Through captivating choreography, evocative music, and immersive storytelling, "Night Shift" seeks to honor the tireless efforts and profound emotions of mothers who care for their children throughout the night. The project… Read More »Night Shift – KORZO



Being half Arabic by origin (my mother was born in Lebanon and fled to Israel), my body always wants to move through my hips and belly, in ripples and twisted- fast movements. A year ago I started researching Belly dance (by encountering the fascinating book Belly Dancing by Wendy Buonaventura) and got inspired by the… Read More »HAYA MOVIE PREMIERE