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Choreography of Altruism

Premiered at cinedans 2021

Five dancers are holding hands in a circle, a utopian society. They slowly circle around each other, the dance begins. Captivated by the rhythm of society they spiral out of control. Will they delight in the structure of the future? 

About the film

Festivals: Cinedans Festival (Amsterdam), Jechon music and film festival 제천국제음악영화제 (South Korea), Uitnacht Arnhem, Athens Digital Arts Festival, and Melech film festival (Tel Aviv).

Awards: Best performance, best international film and best director (Melech film festival 2021).

Concept & Choreography:

Daniel Barkan

Director, scenario, editor and animator:

Mats Logen

Director of photography

Karlijn Milder

Fashion designer:

Michelle Vossen

Production manager:

Danique Jongbloed

Photography & colorist:

Martina Fazekas

First assistant camera:

Jan Koks


Emiel Chung


Gijs Hanegraaf

Sara Miguelote

Loris Daniel Casalino

Davide Andrea Calabrese

Keren-or Ben Shachar


Enrico Meijer

Supported by:


Gemeente Utrecht


CVB Ecologistics 

HetRaam Amsterdam

Special thanks to Nicole Beutler Projects