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About STICHTING Daniel Barkan

(Suggestion: Short paragraph about the Stichting. What kind of works do you produce in? What is the mission/vision of the Stichting?)

In recent years, Daniel Barkan has developed her own choreographic signature and style. Her works include live performances as well as film collaborations and visual installations. Formerly known under the name CollectivePRIME, Daniel often joins residencies and performs her own work at numerous dance/performance art festivals.

In 2022, Daniel solidified her trajectory as a choreographer and art director by establishing Stichting Daniel Barkan. Under the umbrella of the Stichting, Daniel produces various works and collaborations.

About Daniel Barkan

Born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel, Daniel Barkan is a contemporary dancer, performance artist, and choreographer.

In 2008, Daniel graduated high school with a minor in biology and dance. It’s been since then that she’s found an interest in the two fields and their connection. From 2008 until 2010, Daniel worked as a behavioral science diagnostic and commander whilst fulfilling the obligatory IDF service. After her IDF service, Daniel joined the dance theater group of Rina Schenfeld in Tel Aviv. In 2012, Daniel studied in The Maslul dance education under the direction of Neomi Perlov and Offir Dagan. 

In 2013, Daniel moved to the Netherlands and attended ArtEZ, Institute for the Arts, and received a Bachelor of Dance Degree in 2017. Upon graduating, Daniel had the pleasure to work with a great variety of choreographers in the Netherlands and Belgium. As freelancer, Daniel has performed works for Jan martens (Grip), Nicole Beutler (NB projects), Wubkje Kuindersma (Korzo), Joseph Simon (Dansateliers), Giulio D’Anna, Mats Logen and Karlijn Milder (Akatak), Guillaume Versteeg, Ayelen Parolin, Leslie Mannes, and Julien Carlier.